Changing the way your campus community communicates, collaborates, learns and socializes
A private, branded platform for your entire campus community.
Secure communication
The network carries your brand the data is yours--no comprising campus communications with third-party social platforms like Facebook or Twitter.
Easily communicate with groups or individuals, public or private, with students, faculty or administrators. So versatile and easy without the need to send emails.
Enhance Customer Service
Interact with students in their preferred method of communication, either on the desktop or via mobile.
Engage students, classes and organizations easier and more effectively.
Influence discussions
Easily connect with your entire class or individual students in a social paradigm.
Engage students
Drive conversations with a class, share documents, watch students interact and keep a pulse on what is happening in your classes.
Save time
Organize responses, store and retrieve documents for easy distribution, search for keywords by class, department or school-wide.
Students are front and center for better communication and active learning.
Connected to the campus
Students can effortlessly connect with admin offices, department heads or faculty or post to an entire class or club.
Easily look up fellow students within your classes, or meet new friends by clubs or special activities and events.
Web or mobile
Stay connected to your campus your classmates and your peers wherever you are.
Made specifically for higher Ed
Easy to implement and get your campus community up and running.
Complete Data Privacy dictated by your institutional policies and procedures.
Branded for your school to build trust and loyalty.
One secured place for communications, documents and interactions.
Powerful search of historical content by specific group, organization, office or campus-wide.
Intuitively serves 1-to1, 1-to-many communications thus significantly cutting down email workflow.
One product serves many needs
Admission yield, start building your community early.
Onboarding a class. Get students ready for first day of class, even include parents.
Study groups and learning organizations can be directed by faculty or self developed by students.
Customer service for admin and program offices.
Campus alerts and notifications, targeted groups or entire campus community.
Faculty office hour scheduling.
Why choose InYourClass
We are 100% focused on and aligned with the needs of today’s college campus. We understand there are significant gaps with the tools you have available today. InYourClass is committed to making sure you have the most powerful, effective solution to bring together your administration, faculty and students. Learn More
Perfect for any size community
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